• The art of smp BLENDZ cleansing foam

    Easily cleans and removes excess pigment from the scalp leaving a fresh aroma

  • BLENDZ NEUTRALIZER The product leading scalp micropigmentation artists swear by, Blendz Neutralizer is a revolutionary formula used to add warmth to Blendz Rich Black. Many clients, particularly those with pale skin tones, experience a cooler hue to their treatment that develops over time. This is a normal consequence of using black carbon pigments on cooler […]

  • As scalp micropigmentation has evolved, so too has the requirement for high quality pigments beyond just black. For many clients, Blendz brown is a more appropriate choice to achieve optimal results for their skin tone and hair color. Blendz brown pigment also addresses potential issues in some lighter skinned clients who are more likely to […]

  • BLENDZ RICH BLACK Formulated to meet the evolving needs of the modern scalp micropigmentation artist, Blendz Rich Black is the darkest, deepest black carbon pigment on the market. Easily dilutable to the required shade, Blendz Rich Black works for all skin tones. Natural ingredients to reduce inflammation and post-treatment redness Premium scalp micropigmentation ink, used […]

  •   The Royal Set Blendz is the most premium, highest quality Scalp Micropigmentation Ink. It is used internationally by some of the worlds biggest artists. Available as The Royal Set or to purchase individually, Blendz will no doubt change yours and your clients lives – your only regret will be not buying it sooner. FOR […]

  • The Best SMP needle in the industry, Created and Designed by Chris Herrera to produce the best dots in the industry without wasting needles.  these needle cartridges are changing the game and have been adopted by leading artists worldwide. Features Patent pending stabilizing system Precise needle configurations Grade A steel Full membrane safety system Medical […]

  • How to Use: Apply to freshly dry cleaned skin. Gradually tap or rub over the scalp with your finger tips. For the best results , we recommend to use without other products to maintain the integrity of our formula.

  • quickly removes redness after SMP allowing to take amazing after photos.