Sheffield Scalp Micropigmentation

For men or women who want to gain their confidence back there is a revolutionary
solution to thinning hair, scars and baldness.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a method of concealing bald patches, providing an effective substitute for hair transplants and medications. SMP attempts to simulate a natural appearance by applying highly specialised colours to the scalp using a variety of needle sizes, penetration depths, angles, and intensities.

The non-surgical method creates the appearance of thicker hair without surgery and is suited for both men and women. As a result, this takes attention away from your thin patches or visible scalp. The procedure successfully conceals scars and gives the appearance of denser hair that appears to be closely shaven. Scalp Micropigmentation can also help those with hair transplant surgery.

At Don Dottaz, we offer safe and effective scalp micropigmentation in Sheffield at affordable prices. Following your appointment with us, we’ll develop a personalised treatment plan just for you. Our qualified technicians will work closely with you to identify the options and styles best suited to your requirements.

We will also walk you through the and benefits associated with the treatments and will offer in-depth discussions at each level. For the best customer experience, we offer post-treatment consultations to guide you through the recovery period.

In addition, the procedure is completely safe and comes with no recovery period. To retain the pigment, you have to keep your scalp dry for 2-3 days. Our dedicated team is available to answer any of your queries.

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Don’t take our word for it see for yourself. Check our gallery for before and after pictures of our clients amazing transformations.

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With any treatment i want to make sure SMP is right for you, i offer a free no obligation consultation with myself
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I will be able to answer any questions you have and explain in depth all stages of the procedure.

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